CTW LDI 2014 Coverage: Roland M5000 Mixer

OK, so it's not a lighting product. But LDI was the first time we were able to get eyes on the new M5000 mixer and the new OHRCA platform. With 128 processing paths, a full configurable architecture and a very aggressive price point, the M5000 will be a mixer to contend with. Here's a high-level overview. To learn more, visit http://proav.roland.com/OHRCA/.


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CTW LDI 2014 Coverage: High End SolaSpot Pro 1500

The new SolaSpot Pro1500 is an amazing LED-engine moving head. With an 8-45 degree zoom, a 400W LED engine and full effects and a very fast pan/tilt mechanism, it's quite remarkable. And, it has a price that is remarkable as well. To learn more, visit their website.


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CTW InfoComm 2014 Coverage: Allen & Heath Que32 Digital Mixer

Allen & Heath introduced the Que line of digital mixers a while back, and now they've added the Que 32. As the name suggests, it has 32 mic preamps, with 32 faders (plus master), so there are no layers. Well, sort of. Auxes, DCAs and FX are on another layer. It has a 7" touchscreen and some other cool recording/playback features. It looks like a square shot at the X32 from where we sit.


CTW InfoComm 2014 Coverage: Altinex Muse HDMI & Power over Cat5

Ever had to install a video screen somewhere you couldn't easily get power? Now, all you have to do is pull in Cat5 and you can get HDMI, IR, RS232 and up to 140 watts of 120V power! They also have a version that will supply power to up to three screens over 16 gauge low-voltage wire. Installers, rejoice!