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Month: May 2019

What is Mike Up to Now?


I’ve been teasing it out on social media for the last few weeks and today is the day I can make the official announcement. May 1, 2019 marks my first day at Velocity Pro Systems, a new partnership between me and long-time friend, Scott Carman. Scott and I worked together in 2014-2015 under the Flexstage banner as part of Visioneering. While we had tremendous success there together, various organizational challenges led first to my departure, then Scott’s.

Most of you know I landed at CCI Solutions where I spent four years (to the day) as a project lead. Scott moved on to Velocity Productions to run their integration division. In late 2018, Velocity Productions decided to leave the integration game and thus, the seed for Velocity Pro Systems began to germinate.

With the support of Velocity Productions, we are taking the Velocity Pro Systems brand and reforming it into our new venture. Scott will lead the charge as head honcho, business management and development and overall nice guy. We’ve christened him as Dreamer of Dreams. I—as you might expect—will lead the design and engineering team (which currently consists of me), lead the projects and oversee installations and commissioning. Thus, my title is Maker of Magic. Also joining our merry band is our friend Gino Beltran who will be our marketing and relationships leader. As such, he is Teller of Tales.

Our goal is to take a slightly lighter-hearted approach to integration. Scott and I have fun wherever we go and one of the key drivers for this venture is to have fun. It’s a core value, in fact. I’ve only know one other person in my life whose business strengths and weaknesses so closely mirror my own; that was my longtime business partner of the late ‘90s and early ‘00s, Vin Sisson. I’m a serial entrepreneur and while it’s been a good number of years, this is the sixth business I’ve been part of starting.

That itch to be a business owner is a big part of why I left the relative safety and comfort of another company that is doing—and will continue to do—great work. I enjoyed my time at CCI Solutions and have nothing but good things to say about them. My hope is that we can be partners in some sense moving forward. But, at the end of the day, working for someone else just isn’t as satisfying for someone like me who just loves the thrill of being a partner in a startup. As I told the CCI team in my exit letter, I’m not so much leaving CCI solutions as I’m going towards my own endeavor.

So, what is Velocity Pro Systems? We are a full-service design/build/integration firm. Scott and I will be taking the best of what we’ve learned over four years of working in other companies (on opposite sides of the country from where we each live, oddly) and distill it down to the most efficient and productive process we can. Both of us are all about efficiency and stewardship, and we will be heavily utilizing technology to make us more effective in what we hope will be fewer hours.

One of the advantages of starting an integration company in 2019 is that we can take full advantage of all the modern virtual office technology that has revolutionized other tech companies. We fully intend to leverage that technology to save on travel time and costs and speed our design and development process.

As a new startup, we have a ton going on. Don’t go to our website just yet; it’s still just a landing page. We hope to have a more fully developed site up within the next few weeks. That hasn’t seemed to slow us down much as we’re already booked with project kickoffs happening from now until July. We’re extremely excited to be working with both new and long-time customers and friends.

If you have a project coming up, feel free to reach out to me. After 25+ years on the church side of things and 5 years in the integration world, I have a pretty good handle on what works and what doesn’t and am very much committed to helping churches find the right technology solutions. As I’ve long written and spoken about, the right solution isn’t always the least expensive up front, but it will be the most cost-effective over the long term. Buying equipment once is always less expensive than buying twice (or three or four times). I can be most easily reached via email; mike@velocityprosystems.com.

On another note, thanks to all who have sent comments, notes and posts thanking us for getting the podcast back up and running. It’s been fun to do and you can look forward to more car talks from Mike and Van individually as well as a roughly once a month YouTube live show with both of us. Though we work for different companies now, we’re still good friends and will continue to yammer on about church production stuff as long as you’ll listen. We both appreciate your support.

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