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InfoComm Update: StageMix & TVOne

More pics and info from InfoComm11!

Yamaha will be adding head amp control to the StageMix iPad app at some yet to be determined date in the future, taking us one step closer to full remote control of the M7 or LS9.

Nexo shows off a rather funky looking, good sounding $4K floor wedge. Duke says it sounds “pretty dang good and loud.” So there you go.

TVOne is showing off their new CorioView 4 Input Multiviewer that we saw at NAB. It inputs lots of flavors and is very customizable. 

InfoComm Update: Bose Line Array & Blackmagic Recorders

While Bose has left sort of a bad taste in everyone’s mouth from a live PA standpoint, it appears they are trying to change that with a new line array system.

From what we hear, it’s steerable both vertically and horizontally, and at least in the demo room, sounded pretty good.

Boxes are said to be priced in the $4-5K range each. Duke reports that while the array doesn’t quite get down low enough to really give you that thump in the chest, they are working on a dual 18 to provide the low end. Will people be able to get over the Bose name? Time will tell…

Blackmagic continues to roll out new stuff. These appeared on their website a few weeks back, SSD-based recorders. The price point is crazy, and would be a perfect solution for an off-site video venue. Just sneaker-net the drive to the new venue and pop it in a dock there. Seems almost too easy.

Oh, and they’re also making a rack mount dual bay version for recording longer sessions. According to Duke, the single has just started shipping, with the dual to follow in July. Could be a fun summer!

Extron Goodies at InfoComm

Here are some cool new products coming from Extron. First up a cool matrix router. 

It’s a cross-point router that scales from 4×4 to 32×32. As you can see it handles quite an array of inputs and outputs, will switch HDCP signals and will supply power to XTP (Video over Twisted Pair) transmitters and receivers. For a church looking to set up a distributed video system on their campus, this could be pretty slick. Model name is XTP CrossPoint 3200.

The SME100 is a streaming media encoder that spits out an h.264 stream over EtherNet. It appears to have the front end of a scaler/switcher and can take component, DVI, RGB and other signals in, convert them to h.264 and stream them out. This is due by the end of the year. Duke reports the quality to be quite nice.

The DVS 605 is a digital seamless switcher that integrates HDMI, RGB, HDTV, and video sources into presentation systems. It features two universal analog outs plus optional 3G SDI outputs. Expect to pay around $3200 w/out audio, $5,000 with. 

And finally, iPad control for Extron switches. Why spend a ton of money on proprietary control interfaces, when you can just use an iPad. This would be slick for people who manage a large campus full of Extron gear…

More from InfoComm: DPA & Roland

More pics from our man in the field, Duke Dejong. 

We’ve been hearing about it for quite some time and it’s nearly here; the single ear headset mic from DPA. It’s an upgraded 4066 that’s 10 dB less sensitive for a reduction in wind noise. Duke reports it fits really snuggly around the ear, and that a second ear extension is coming (though that point, why not just use a 4066?). The cable and the boom mic are replaceable, and it’s expected to be available in September for around $500. Also, looking at the picture, it appears the element is smaller than the 4066, which will help those doing IMAG or TV.

A bunch of guys getting a tour of Roland’s new offerings from Jeremy Engel. From left to right in picture, Jeremy Engle, Brad Rowe, Jonathan Davis, Tim Frederick, Jamie Ortiz, Brian Turnbull, Nathan Kolosziej.

Ever needed to do a portable PA where power wasn’t easily accessible? Like I have to do next month for VBS when I need a PA in the middle of our parking lot? How about battery powered mixers and speakers (that come with a wireless mic!)? These could solve a lot of problems for people…

More to come!

Images from InfoComm11

Our man on location, Duke Dejong has offered to provide photo coverage of InfoComm11 this year since I’m not able to be there. Here are the first three he sent me; we’ll try to get more posted throughout the week as we have opportunity.


The day started off with a breakfast at the Avid booth, and a lesson from Robert Scovill on how he sets up his Avid systems. If I could have teleported in for just one hour of InfoComm, this would have been it. Oh well, there’s always next year.

Jenn Liang-Chaboud from Shure gives Jonathan Davis and Tim Frederick the skinny on the Shure Axient System.

Jonathan and Tim get hands on with the PSM1000 beltpack receiver. Having had the opportunity to play around with those a little bit, I can tell you they’re very, very nice.

That’s it for now. As Duke sends pics, we’ll see about getting them up. See, it’s almost like being there, save the crowds, the noise and the immense humidity…

And remember, we’ll have full coverage of InfoComm11 this weekend on Church Tech Weekly.

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