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CTW InfoComm 2012 Coverage: Behringer X32 Mixer

We saw it at NAMM in January, and now we get hands-on with the new X32 digital mixer. It’s an impressive amount of power in a small package, and of course it is very, very affordable (MSRP of $2799!). It features 32 channels, Midas preamps, 16 busses and an upcoming iPad app. And, it has moving faders. Though we haven’t heard it yet, it sure looks pretty nice.

CTW InfoComm 2012 Coverage: Behringer X32 Mixer from Mike Sessler on Vimeo.

CTW InfoComm 2012 Coverage: Studio Six Digital

Studio Six Digital has brought SMAART to iOS, and now offer a very flexible interface for getting a calibrated test mic connected to your iPhone or iPad. They have also started shipping a small test mic with a 30-pin connector for taking quick but accurate measurements with your iOS device. For smaller system optimization tasks, leave the laptop at home and bring your iPad and a Studio Six interface.

CTW InfoComm 2012 Coverage: Studio Six Digital from Mike Sessler on Vimeo.

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CTW InfoComm 2012 Coverage: Stealth Acoustics

Sometimes you have a place in your building where you need good sound, but don’t want to see speakers. Stealth Acoustics has a unique and good-sounding solution to this dilema; speakers that look just like drywall. They can be mounted in the walls, taped and painted just like regular drywall, then turned up to rock the house. Several models are available depending on the application and budget.

CTW InfoComm 2012 Coverage: Stealth Acoustics Invisible Speakers from Mike Sessler on Vimeo.

CTW InfoComm 2012 Coverage: A&H GLD 80 Mixer

The new GLD 80 is an affordable, mid-sized digital console that builds on the technology of the iLive series, but instead places the processing in the surface. The system is available with new stage racks that also integrate directly with the Aviom personal mixers. Though compact, the system has a fair amount of power, as well as an accessible interface that should be easy to use by most anyone.

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CTW InfoComm 2012 Coverage: Shure ULX-D Dual and Quad Receivers

Introduced at NAMM 2012, the ULX-D became a quick favorite of ours based on the great flexibility and outstanding sound. Shure has now re-packaged the receivers in both dual and quad configurations allowing for significantly denser channel counts in a given rack space. They’ve also included some additional cool features like Danté and RF cascade. They also came up with a new high-density mode which packs even more channels in a given RF band. It’s impressive stuff.

CTW InfoComm 2012 Coverage: Midas Pro1

Midas has been steadily shrinking their Pro series mixers over the last year or so, and they’ve now released the Pro1. While the footprint is diminutive, it’s a powerful package mixing 48 channels (from 100 inputs) and sending them to 24 output busses. Like the rest of the Pro line, it’s fully equipped with significant FX and EQ processing and that famous Midas sound.

CTW InfoComm 2012: Line6 StageSource Speakers

Like the new StageScape mixer, the StageSource speakers incorporate a lot of DSP in a way that is very user-friendly and accessible. The line consists of two versions of powered full-range boxes (one with a built-in mixer and one without) and a powered sub. The full-range boxes can also serve as monitors and incorporate two kickstands for two angles and even include an accelerometer to switch them into monitor mode when you put them on their side. Though we haven’t yet heard them, these look very interesting.

CTW InfoComm 2012 Coverage: Line6 StageSource Speakers from Mike Sessler on Vimeo.

Learn more at Line6.com

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