Church Tech Arts was started in March 2007, and in five and a half years has grown to become one of the most widely read and respected websites on production technology in the house of worship market, and indeed is a known and respected voice in secular production market. Our articles have been re-printed in other blogs, websites, Live Sound International, Church Production Magazine and ProSound Web.

In 2011, we added a limited number of sponsors/advertisers to the site, and the entire year's inventory sold out by April, 2011. For 2012, we opened up additional spaces, and again sold the entire Premium inventory before 2011 ended. Each year since, we have offered space to build further partnerships with new and existing sponsors.

While web-based advertising is everywhere. Much of it is ineffective. In fact, an article in Harvard Business Review took a look at the future of marketing and concluded:

Up to 90% of spending goes to advertising and retail promotions. Yet the single most powerful impetus to buy is someone else's advocacy.

David C. Edleman Branding In The Digital Age, Harvard Business Review, December 2010

That's what CTA offers; a reputation for trusted advocacy built over nearly 8 years and 1,500+ posts. More than simply selling ad space, I wish to develop strategic partnerships, aligning myself with companies and products I believe in and use, becoming an advocate for your product or service. I am what Malcolm Gladwell calls a Maven; someone known for being an expert resource in their field.

When I recommend a product, people take it seriously. In fact, a post on Twitter sums it up well. In response to a request for a recommendation for a $100 universal fit IEM, @wireddaniel posted,

Well, @mikesessler responded...that's what I'm going to do.

In addition to writing for this site, my posts are also published on ProSoundWeb; last year, I became the Church Sound Editor for Live Sound International magazine; and I am a regular contributor for Church Production Magazine. Those additional outlets will continue to drive traffic and validate my trusted expert status.

Media Plan
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