On a Personal Note

Normally I don't post a lot of personal stuff on here, but some may be interested to know that my 2 girls and I are currently in Minneapolis looking for a place to live. We're currently in that "excited and terrified" stage. It's exciting to think about joining the staff of a great church and starting a new life in a new city, new house, etc. On the other hand it's terrifying to think that in less than 30 days we have to pack up everything we own and move it 1/2 way across the country!

Every sign seems to point to this being a great decision and I'm really looking forward to it. The hardest part will be saying goodbye to all our great friends at Crossswinds. We've had such a great experience there and it has truly prepared me for the next phase.

If nothing else, this post explains the lack of posts recently.

Something else to be excited about is that yesterday, Apple officially released OS 10.5, Leopard. This long awaited release looks to once again put the best OS on the planet another few steps ahead of everything else. Microsoft finally has another OS to copy (too bad it will take them 5 years...). Even better news is that my new laptop will have Leopard on it when it arrives. Once I get set up with the new 'Book, I'll make some comments on the new OS here.

Blue Skies

The sky is really clear at 32,000'! Taken somewhere over that little sliver of Canada between NY & Michigan. Below the clouds are Ohio and Indiana (I think...turns out you can't see the state lines from the air like you can on a map...)