God Works Even When We Don't

This weekend is my last weekend mixing at Crosswinds. I had a variety of ideas of how this would go, but I have to tell you, last night, I felt really out of sync. Stuff just didn't go right. We had a wide variety of technical problems (the Media Shout computer crashed, the sermon record didn't go well and others) and things just didn't go well (at least as far as I was concerned).

Funny thing is, several people commented afterward how well they thought the service went. One commented on how powerful the worship time was, and another didn't notice any technical problems at all. Last night when I got home, I thought about that. Two things occurred to me. First, if you plan and prepare well enough, you can work through unexpected technical difficulties without people noticing. Planning and preparation is something we've worked really hard at over the last year. And when stuff goes wrong, we generally recover well.

Second, and probably more importantly, God is at work, even when we or our stuff doesn't. This point was brought home when we de-briefed afterward and talked about some of the tough things people are going through in our congregation. In the last few weeks, we've had a beloved husband, father and friend loose a battle with cancer. A 22-year old son and friend tragically died. I know of several whose marriages are failing. Some have lost jobs. Others are facing serious health concerns.

Our worship pastor regularly reminds us that these are real people with really big issues. And they come here to meet with God. And despite our failings, He meets with them. What a great promise is that? Even we fail, God is faithful. When the computer crashes, God is still here. When the battery dies in the wireless mic, God is still here.

Remember that the next time something doesn't go as planned. And remember that people are so much more important than stuff. When a cue gets missed, or a wrong button pushed, remember God is still here. And God loves those around you far more than you can even imagine. Act accordingly. I say this to myself as well.

As I mentioned, I'm in the final week of my time here. I haven't posted much about it here, but I have another blog that will chronicle our journey to our new home if you're interested. Check it out here: Mike's Personal Blog. Thanks for reading! I'll be back to posting regularly soon!