Observations on Houston

I arrived today in Houston for the WFX conference. Here are a few things I noted on my journey. 


  • It's really important to pay attention to your boarding pass, and not talk on the phone while you walk to your gate. I could have sworn it said A3, not E3. Turns out, the two gates are about a 15 minute walk apart. So down and back, it was 30. Oops...
  • I do not believe it's possible to make seats any more uncomfortable than the airlines have managed to. Congratulations.
  • George Bush airport is a big place. I am pretty sure I've been in towns (and perhaps counties) that are smaller.
  • When Super Shuttle describes itself as "shared transportation from the airport to your hotel," they are not kidding. Today, I shared a ride in a van with 10 of my new, close friends. It reminded me of youth group trips in a 12 passenger van...only much quieter.
  • The architecture in downtown Houston is fascinating. Tonight I ate dinner at a place called Cabo (it was very good), which is across the street from a building built in 1882, which has a brand new parking deck built right next to it. You see this all over downtown. The very old, and very new. Somehow, it works.
  • I always eat too much at dinner when I'm on the road. And too late. This always makes it hard to sleep. You'd think after spending 10 years on the road a lot, I would have learned by now. But no...
  • I'm super-excited to hang out with some friends over the next two days, and to make new friends. And I am really excited about checking out some new gear for Upper Room. 

If I have wireless tomorrow, I'll post when I can. Thanks for reading!