The First 100 Days

I'm always fascinated how we humans account for things. In presidential terms, the first 100 days always seems to be a milestone. I'm amused by this at the national level because seriously, how much can one person get done in 100 days when trying to run the free world. Since we're in the beginning stages of choosing our next president, and since I've now been at Upper Room for just about 100 days, I thought I would jot down some of the things I've gotten done.

Upon my arrival, I quickly learned that the state of technology at the church was in tough shape. We have some good equipment, but it wasn't put together very well. So I started my journey by figuring out what we have to work with (and I'm finding more stuff all the time), learning what the needs were for both communities (Upper Room and CPC), and establishing some priorities. This are the results of that (so far).

  • A big change was installing two new Eiki LC-X80 projectors. These things rock.
  • I'm about 3/4 of the way through re-wiring our video desk in the tech booth. I'm prepping to install a multi-view monitor over the presentation computer and light board so the operators can actually see the service.
  • We've switched from Media Shout to ProPresenter, and from PowerPoint to Keynote.
  • I'm 1/2 through re-working our IEM rack. Half of the receivers are still at FOH waiting for the install of the Aviom snake to backstage. I did get antenna combiners and blades set up for the ones backstage, though.
  • We've switched from alkaline disposable batteries to NiMh rechargeable ones.
  • I sent our GL-2 back to Canon to get the FireWire port fixed.
  • I've "hired" two volunteer "staff" to direct our sound and lighting teams. I hope to have someone in place with our presentation team by summer.
  • We came up with a interactive pdf form to use with our speakers to give us a common way to submit sermon graphics.
  • We installed a new ETC Expression 3 light console (which subsequently melted down and is on it's way back to ETC for repair...)
  • We pulled all new DMX cable for the light system and installed a DMX distro.
  • I've frequency coordinated our wireless mics and IEMs.
  • I pulled and re-installed all of the wireless mics, antenna combiners and network interface.
  • New monitor speakers have been purchased for our tech booth (to be installed soon).
  • I swapped our old, uncomfortable Clear-com headsets for nice new lightweight Production Intercom 700's (very comfy!).
  • We've come up with numerous procedures and checklists to make sure we're not bypassing details as we prep for services.
  • Built a 25' cross stage snake to simplify our stage setup.
  • We have a re-tune of the room scheduled for next week, which will hopefully improve the sound pretty dramatically.
  • Edited about a dozen videos for weekly gatherings.

There are still some big projects to tackle; the design and install of acoustic treatment in the sanctuary and a new speaker rig (timeline--?), getting the house lights switched over to a DMX controllable dimming system, installing some new lighting fixtures (in the next few weeks), upgrading our live video package and possibly moving lighting and presentation to a location adjacent to FOH.

And of course, there is recruiting, training and encouraging new techs, developing some additional standard operating procedures, and figuring out how to push the limits of what we can do creatively with lights, sound and video.

It's been a busy, crazy and fun 100 days. The community here is great, and the staff second to none. It's such a privilege to be a part of this ministry and to see how God is using Upper Room to reach the next generation. The good news for readers of this blog is that I'll have plenty of stuff to write about over the next two years! Thanks for reading and sharing in the journey.

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