Unexpected ProPresenter Benefit

Sunday was the second weekend of ProPresenter. Again, it worked flawlessly and our second volunteer picked it right up. He was called away to help his brother between the 5 and 7 services so I stepped in to man the con. It occurred to me that my MacBook Pro came with a remote, so I pulled it out to see if it would control ProPresenter. Sure enough, it works great!

So instead of being tied to the keyboard, I was able to stand back fire the slides and sing along. The left/right buttons on the remote advance and go back, and up/down moves through the playlist. I'm not sure if this is officially supported or not, but it worked like a charm. I felt much more in control of the process, and I was able to engage in the worship.

I was also able to fire cues from across the tech booth while manning our video switcher. A truly multi-tasking moment! At any rate, it's one more thing I appreciate about it.

I also saw that Renewed Vision just released 3.3.1 which includes a few bug fixes for the previously released 3.3 (a week ago), which again qualifies Pro as the most actively developed software ever. Having used it for a few weeks, I have a few questions and suggestions… I'll be calling tomorrow!

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