Willow Arts Conference

Last year was my first visit to the Willow Creek Arts Conference. I was jaded going in and blown away leaving. I'm excited to be able to go again this year. A few weeks back they announced that Brian McClaren would be speaking, and earlier this week, the breakout session registration opened up.

There are some good breakouts again this year. Robert Scoville will be teaching a "Master's Class" on mixing (which takes up 2 breakout sessions); a few excellent lighting classes and a breakout on wireless mics in an HD world. Last year I waited too long to sign up for breakouts and didn't get the ones I wanted (though the ones I had were good). This year, I picked my sessions the day the e-mail came out.

As a reader service, I will point out that April 8th is the deadline for super-early bird registrations. The conference itself is June 11-13. As the date draws nearer, I may be organizing a get-together; I think it would be a lot of fun to meet some of you in person (and by some of you I mean the ones that are going to the conference...not that I don't want to meet all of you).

Holy Week at Upper Room and CPC was quite an affair; I'll have some pictures and posts about that soon. I worked a lot last week and am only now recovering. We did get to do some cool stuff, and found new uses for some old gear that you might find interesting. Stay tuned!

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