Day 1 at Willow

I had a good flight in yesterday...except I got busted for trying to sneak more than 3 oz. of toothpaste on board. I am now a toiletries offender. Hopefully it won't be listed on my permanent record!

Arrived at Willow Creek this morning at about 8:15. Was checked in by 8:20. They really have the process figured out (contrast that to nearly 30 minutes to get my rental car at Dollar last night...and I was one of 2 customers at the counter!). 

It's hard to say for sure, but it looks like crowds may be down a bit this year. I found a spot to sit upstairs outside the balcony doors; last year there was nary a seat to be found anywhere outside the auditorium. Perhaps the high cost of travel is keeping people away?

I did discover that I left my camera usb cable at home, so I won't be able to post pictures of the conference as they happen, which bums me out. I had hoped to be able to do that. Oh well, look for a big post early next week with the pics.

I don't know that I'll be covering this quite like the guys at Gizmodo covered Steve's Keynote on Monday, but check back often for updates. I'll also Twitter a lot, so you can see more stuff there. So far, The wireless is solid. Let's hope it stays that way!