Update on Rechargeable Batteries

Last fall I wrote a post on rechargeable batteries, which you can read in it's entirety here. I know a lot of audio guys who don't like them, or are leery of them (for good reason, they used to be less than worthless), but I've used them with great success now for almost 2 years. They work great as long as you observe some basic rules. I won't repeat the original post (which is pretty good, I just re-read it), and I've updated it with some additional information.

If you're at all interested in saving money in your ministry, you really should check them out. Last year, between CPC and Upper Room, we spent over $5,000 in batteries. This year, we'll spend under $200 (and that's only because people occasionally throw them away--I hate that!). The big upside to that is I now have $4,800 more in my budget for buying new gear, and not throwing it in the landfill. What's not to love?

Check out the original post here.