Compression, It's All About The Sound

Compression is one of those topics that everyone likes to talk about, but few can actually explain. Over the years, I've tried various ways of teaching the concepts of compression to volunteers, and to be honest, the most common response is (cue the crickets...) a blank stare. Though I have offered suggestions of starting points for various sources, and attempted to demonstrate the effects of various controls, most of the time, I would see the compressors sitting in the rack, nary a light flashing, all un-patched (or on the digital board, set to whatever they were set for "last week").

But behold, out of the darkness comes Dave Stagl (Going to 11) and an excellent discussion on compression. Finally, exactly what we need--a logical approach to compression that can be demonstrated, taught and applied. You should stop what you're doing and go read this post right now. I will be using this method for compression setting from now on, and will certainly apply the model for training our new sound volunteers whose young skulls are yet full of mush.

Thanks, Dave! Great post...