Stuff Mike Likes

As I've been on vacation for a while, my blogging output has suffered. However, thanks to Google Reader, I've kept abreast of all that's going on in the blogosphere (well, at least for the 25 blogs I follow). During that time, a few things have crossed the wire that I think merit your attention.

The first is a blog that's new to me, Church Audio & Sound, written by a guy named JB. I'm serious, that's all he's got for ID on the blog. And while I might argue that audio and sound are essentially the same thing, and thus the title is redundant, it's a really good blog. JB goes into great detail on the finer points of sound, and always has something useful to say. He's done several multi-part posts on things like microphones and the basics of sound. If you're new to doing church sound, or just want to brush up on some knowledge check it out. After you finish reading my posts on sound, of course ';-).

Next up, Dave Stagl has had some really good stuff over at Going to 11. His recent posts about time aligning overheads and snare mics (with demo audio), and system optimization and especially setting up compressors (look for it in the Audio category, it's not on the front page anymore) were really interesting. The thing I appreciate about Dave is that while he is very knowledgeable, works in a big church and has a lot of resources at his disposal, so much of what he talks about is useful (at least in theory if not in practice) for others in smaller settings. I've borrowed quite a few ideas from him.

Finally, my friends at FaithTools (a podcast you should definitely check out) turned me on to a blog called Stuff Christians Like. While he generally does not talk at all about techie stuff, it's one of my favorite blogs ever. It's incredibly well-written, quite often funny and always worth my time. You should most definitely check out the Sound Man/Sound Girl Haiku and Understanding How Metrosexual Your Worship Leader Is--priceless). He also writes 2 other blogs (prolifically--where does he find the time?) which are also worth checking out. I turn to Jon whenever I need a little pick-me-up. Great stuff.

So there you go. In lieu of actual, new blog content, here's something to tide you over until I get caught up on my writing. Fear not, there will be new posts on mixing remotely using Yamaha's Studio Manager tomorrow and Friday.