Drum Mic'ing Webinar

Tomorrow night, Thursday, March 26 at 10 PM EST, 9 PM CST, I will be hosting a TokBox webinar with Jason Cole and Dave Stagl. The topic (as the title suggests) is mic'ing drums. Both Jason and Dave have a ton of experience with this and will be sharing their knowledge. A few minutes before the session starts, I'll post a link on here and on Twitter so you can join us.

A few notes on TokBox: If you've not used TokBox before, here are some guidelines. First it's free to sign up, which is nice. Second, while it's a video chat, you don't have to have a camera to join, you can do audio-only. Third--and this is important--WEAR HEADPHONES. We've had issues in the past when the built-in mic is picked up by the built-in speakers of people's computers and causes a nasty feedback loop. And come on, we're sound guys, right?

Also, when you roll your mouse over your square (either video or generic box), you'll see a little mic icon. Please click that to mute yourself when you join. We've heard entire conversations that people have had with their spouses, kids and neighbors because the mic wasn't off. We'll open it up for questions, and there is a IM-type chat feature for comments and questions as well.

I'm looking forward to this one quite a bit. I've been bouncing mic'ing questions off Dave and Jason for a while and always appreciate their input. I'll also be sharing a little bit about our new "drum condo" drum isolation booth we built for our new worship space and how that's working out.

So remember, Thursday, March 26, 10 PM EST, 9 PM CST. Check back here or on Twitter for a link. You can follow me on Twitter using the icon to the right. See you then!

The drum condo worked amazingly well. And it's a nice spot to set lights... The drum condo worked amazingly well. And it's a nice spot to set lights...