Moving Forward

Given the number and frequency of times I've been asked how we're doing in our process I decided a post was in order. Normally, I try to keep the personal posts to a minimum, but I'm also told it's important to share one's life with your readers. Helps build community they say. Whoever "they" are. Anyway, on with the news.

So in case you missed it, my position of the last year and half as Technical Arts Director/IT Director at Upper Room in Minneapolis has been eliminated due to budget cuts. I saw this coming and was prepared for it, and have felt really good about the way UR has handled the transition. We didn't plan on leaving the church so soon, but it's been a good leaving--at least from our standpoint.

A few weeks ago, I blogged and Twittered about that with the secret hope that one or two people might contact me with a possible contact of someone who might know of a position. Maybe. In fact, I was not prepared for the response. Suffice it to say it was a bit overwhelming and I spent way more time on the phone interviewing than I ever thought I would. We ended up with a lot of options, and prayed continually that God would make His way clear.

That last part was important because I tend to get excited when I talk to any church about their technical arts needs and I am ready to jump in and get started--wherever it is! Thankfully God answered our prayers and made the path very clear. From the first contact, through an on-site visit to follow up phone calls and working out details the entire process felt right. Every specific prayer request was answered and all our questions were handled well.

So it is with the Hawk Nelson song, "California" playing in the background I am excited to announce that mid-August will find me the new Technical Arts Director of Coast Hills Community Church in Aliso Viejo, California. [pause for dramatic effect]

Personally, I'm super-excited about this--and not just because I recently found out that church workers don't get unemployment (bet you didn't' know that either, huh?). Seriously, it's a great opportunity to work with some incredibly gifted people who are as authentic as the day is long and have a genuine heart for Jesus. I'll have lots to do and a great staff to do it with.

The timeline is going to go pretty quick. This week I fly out to find a place to live. Once that's lined up we'll have about 2 weeks to pack up and wrap up things in Minneapolis before heading out on August 3. Just as I did when we moved here, I'll be blogging about our adventures in moving, so stay tuned.

In the meantime, I'll keep on posting about the technical arts. And once I get out there, look for lots of great content as I dig into my new position. Thanks to all of you who have offered prayers, support and encouragement over the last month or so. Prayers for the right house at the right price would be appreciated this week. Rock on!