The Move: Drive Day 2--NE to CO

Today we saw the Rockies. That was cool. Actually, still is; we're staying in a hotel not far from them right now. We left Lincoln this morning with cool temperatures and the sun at our back. We drove straight west for a long, long time. Nebraska, as it turns out, is a long, long state. Still, traffic was light, and we made good time. There's really no reason to speed when the speed limit is 75.

Nebraska is actually much more scenic than I expected it to be. Lots of rolling hills, trees and of course, corn. Lots of corn.

It's so, western scenery-looking! It's so, western scenery-looking!Traffic was moving along very well all day, with minimal construction. Someone, however, had a very bad day. Not sure exactly what happened, but somehow, I'm pretty sure this is not how the camper looked when they pulled it off the lot...

This can't be good... This can't be good...Since we were heading west, and I knew we were rapidly exhausting opportunities to stop at a Cabela's, I talked the family into stopping at the original one in Kearney. Honestly, it wasn't as cool as the new ones they've been building (eg. the one in Dundee, MI). Still, I found some cool Teva sandals in the bargain cave for $20, so it was totally worth it. And they have a cool sculpture out front.

Cabela's in Kearney, NE. Cabela's in Kearney, NE.Soon we found ourselves crossing into Colorado. OK, it wasn't soon. It was near the end of the drive. But we did learn that Colorado is the "Colorful state." Which I will admit is a better slogan than Nebraska's. Through the haze, we could begin to make out the Rocky mountains. They're just big and amazing no matter what.

Welcome to Colorful Colorado! Welcome to Colorful Colorado!Colorado has one of the coolest rest stops/visitor centers I've seen, complete with a cool bronze sculpture of some big birds.

Taken with the iPhone 3Gs. Picture quality is quite impressive. Taken with the iPhone 3Gs. Picture quality is quite impressive.Once we made it to Denver, we spied a restaurant we haven't eaten at in a long time; Joe's Crab Shack. I normally avoid chains, but Joe's is one that I don't mind hitting. The food was good, the service great and I really enjoyed embarrassing my teenage daughters by busting a few moves in the booth to the great music. Think Albert in the movie Hitch. Oh yeah...

Oh, and we all got a laugh when Katie dropped her glass of water off the edge of the table. Our waiter custom fabricated a "spill-proof glass" for her so it wouldn't happen again. Great job!

Katies Safety Cup Katie's Safety CupAnd of course, there are those Rocky Mountain sunsets. Really, how do you mess this up? What a great display of God's creation!

How beautiful is that? How beautiful is that?Tomorrow we'll drive through those mountains and end up in a small town in Utah. Looking forward to the drive and spending some time in Bryce Canyon!

Stats for Tuesday's Drive:

Miles driven: 487 (914 total)

Average Speed: 70 MPH (for entire trip)

Overall Average Speed: 67.2 MPH (for entire trip)

Drive Time: 7:24 (13:16 for entire trip)