January Webinar Coming Up

After our brief respite in December (OK, we were all pretty crazy-busy in December), we're back for another webinar. Jason, Dave and I will be hosting our January webinar this Friday, Jan 29 at 10 PM EST, 7 PM PST. Our topic for this month is system design, and while the three of us have been through our share of system design and upgrades, we decided that we should invite a real expert.

Dave called on his good friend, Bob Nahrstadt, from Next Creative Media to join us this month. NCM is a firm that exists to assist churches in connecting with their audience in an impactful and relevant way through the use of modern technologies. Dave and Bob have worked together on a number of projects and if the short time I've spent with him is any indication, this is going to be a great discussion.

We'll touch on developing a ministry philosophy; figuring out how to best support that philosophy with technology; asking the right questions; determining when to do a project in-house versus hiring someone and how to choose the right design firm.

The webinar will be on TokBox again, which means you'll want to join early to make sure you get in. TokBox has made some improvements lately that we hope will make for a better experience. It will also be recorded and made available here on the blog as well as in iTunes. Remember to wear headphones and mute your mic when you join the session. Watch our Twitter feeds a few minutes before the start time for the link to join; I'll post it here as well.