500 Posts

I normally don't make a big deal of stats on this blog, but I recently crossed a milestone that I think is significant. Actually, I crossed it last week on Wednesday with the post, Virtual Soundcheck, but I missed noticing it until today. Rather than spend a bunch of words saying how significant this is, how many words that works out to and blah, blah, blah, I thought I would look through my WordPress stats and see which out of those 500 posts have been the most popular.

Defining most popular is tricky. One way is to look at stats for individual posts. That's incomplete, however, as the vast majority of people just come straight to the blog and read what's on the home page. So I really don't know how many people have read which posts. Another way to count it up is to view the posts with the most comments; presumably if people care enough about the post to comment on it, it's significant. Unfortunately, there's no easy way to count comments per post, so that's going to be tough.

So I've defaulted to picking the 10 posts that have received the most individual traffic. The list surprised me, and perhaps there are some here that you missed. Thanks for sticking with me and giving me a reason to write this much. 500 posts in 3 1/2 years has been a lot of fun!

Top 10 Posts of All Time (as counted by number of distinct views per post

  1. Church Applications for the iPad
  2. Battery Shootout—The Results Show
  3. DTV & RF Mics (Old page, no longer there)
  4. Heil Drum Mic Kit Pt. 1
  5. Why Digico over Avid?
  6. Rechargeable Batteries—Why You’ve Been Burned
  7. Final Soldering Lesson–XLRs
  8. Multi-Track Audio in QuickTime Movies
  9. Battery Shootout Pt. 1
  10. The Coolest Thing I Saw at InfoComm