The Webinars are Back!

I know you're all excited; after a 2 month break, Dave, Jason and I are back with our award-winning webinar series. OK, so perhaps we haven't won any awards yet, but a guy can dream, right?

But it's true, we're back this month with another webinar. And I think it will be a good one. This time around we're going to be debating the relative pros and cons of analog versus digital mixers. At first glance, you might think this will be completely cut and dry as the three of us all regularly mix on digital boards. However, we each agree that there still may be a place for the analog console, at least in certain settings.

Then again, as the market becomes filled with really great digital choices, those settings shrink. It should be a really fun conversation. And as you may have noticed, the none of us are short on opinions...

Join us Tuesday, November 16 at 7 PM PST, 10 PM EST on our LiveStream channel.