Mid-Week Tech; The Illustrated Guide

By popular demand (at least on Twitter), here's an illustrated guide I created for running our Mid-Week Bible Studies. All that's needed is a wireless mic or two, house lights and one other area light, and a CD record. However, our system is overly complex and not volunteer friendly (FOH is a PM5D-EX). So, rather than spend a ton of time answering phone calls, I decided to take some pictures and make it really easy; just follow the guide. Really, it's an elaborate instruction book on how to turn the system on and off. The fact that it takes 10 pages and 40 pictures to do it is a reminder that our system is way too complex. Gotta work on that...

This is not a guide on how to mix, how to light or how to do anything at all fancy with sound or lights. It's basic, "turn the mic on, wait 45 minutes, turn the mic off." I already built a scene in the 5D that sets up the headamp, compressor and EQ to make the wireless sound pretty close. This is a a "nothing fancy" service, so my goal was to create a guide that just about anyone could follow and be successful without much help from me or my team.

I also added to the Downloads page in case anyone wants it later.