#Installation Fail—Wiring

On the heels of my last post on getting installs right, it seemed like it was time to re-visit our old friend, #Installation Fail. It's been a while since we had some fun with, how shall we say, creative installations. I've been collecting these for quite some time now, and I won't reveal where they came from. Consider this a primer on how not to install cables.

The good news is there's plenty of cable should the equipment need to be re-located.At least I can't chalk the above mess to a professional installer. The next photo however...well, it's just the way the installer left it.

Bushings? We don't need no stinking bushings. Or the cover for that matter.
Man it was nice of those plumbers to put those pipes there for the cables to run over.And just to prove the A/V guys didn't favor plumbers over HVAC guys...

We've got speaker cables going over HVAC and electrical! Score!!Yes, we've seen all sorts of creative installs. This is one of my favorites. Props for using conduit. But feeding an extension cord through it to plug into a dimmer? Hmmm...

Hey, at least they put the extension cord in the conduit...Sometimes however, conduits seem hardly necessary.

This isn't so much an "installation" as a lack thereof...
I really have nothing more to say about that one.

Remember, if you have any "creative installation" photos, send them along. I'll happily post them and keep the source secret to protect the, uh, guilty.