IEM Webinar Tonight

Tonight, Feb 23 at a few minutes past 10 PM EST, 7 PM PST, Jason Cole, Dave Stagl and I will be leading a webinar on IEMs. We're going to talk about developing a plan to migrate to IEMs, what benefits and challenges come out of such a transition and spend some time discussing the best practices for Aviom and similar setups.

Due to the technical difficulties we experienced on TokBox last time around, we're going to try something new. We'll be streaming this webinar on LiveStream. This will remove the 20 person limit and hopefully make a better experience. If you go there a little early and create an account, when you ask questions in the chat window, your name will appear instead of "Guest21." Up to you, however. We'll answer as many questions as we can.

To view the webinar, simply go to the ChurchTechArts page on LiveStream. We'll probably start about 5 min after the hour as I have to shuttle my daughter to Bible study tonight.