Cranky Old Techs

Along with several other church tech guys, I've recently been asked to start blogging over at Church Production Magazine. Today marks my inaugural post on that blog, mike Technically Direct.  I'll be posting a few articles over there each month and linking to them from here (so you don't miss anything).Here's a quick excerpt and the link to the full article.

Everyone knows a cranky old man; those stodgy curmudgeons that seem to have an innate ability to see the fault in everything. If the sun is shinning on a blue-sky day, they are upset because it’s too bright. If it’s raining, well, I guess that’s a given. Generally speaking, cranky old men are not fun to be around—at least for more than about 10 minutes.

If you’ve been involved in production technology for any length of time, you probably know some cranky old techs (COTs). Those guys have been there, done that and are pretty ticked off about having to do it again.

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