When Things Go Crash In The Night

There's been a great discussion in the comments of my previous post, "Why Digico Over Avid." Keep those comments coming, to me that's the best part of the blog. I love hearing other people's opinion on things, as it causes me to re-think my own. A few comments really got me thinking; specifically comments that generally went, "I'll never use XYZ gear again because it crashed/failed/didn't work." It's hard to hear that when you're thinking about buying an XYZ, but then I thought about what my life would be like if I strictly applied that principle.

ProPresenter would be out, it's crashed a few times. So would Media Shout. I fact, I couldn't write this blog since Safari, Firefox and Chrome have all failed me. Come to think of it, even my Mac has crashed. PCs too (though more often). And forget my iPhone, that's randomly re-started 2-3 times. Certainly I've had a rechargeable battery fail to hold a charge. Then there was that bad batch of ProCells last winter. Who hasn't had a wireless mic take a hit or thirty. I've heard that a Digico deck has crashed; then again, I also know that people have crashed their Venues. And Soundcrafts. And iLives. Now that I think of it, I've had two analog desks fail when their power supplies died. And don't get me started on mic cables... Or lights...Or projector lamps...Or...

The point is, pretty much everything we use will fail, crash, not work or let us down at some point. It's pretty incredibly rare that any single piece of equipment will work perfectly every single time. Which, honestly, is one reason what we do is so incredibly interesting. It's actually amazing that these incredibly complex systems we put together work at all, let alone nearly every time. And when they don't a big part of the challenge is trying to figure out why and keeping it from happening again.

Will I intentionally buy a piece of gear that is known to fail a lot just for the fun of fixing it? Certainly not! However, one or two anecdotal stories doesn't a bad product make (as shown by the above examples). On the other hand, ive said I won't use a given install company because of the way they handled an install way back when. This has challenged me to consider my own biases and snap reactions. So that's my thinking anyway.