Volume Webinar Tonight

Just a reminder, Jason, Dave and I will be talking about the one issue that we get questions about more than any other; volume. We'll talk about how loud is too loud, weighting, LEQ, equal loudness contours, and talk about some of the best practices on getting to the right volume for your venue, service and song.

We'll be back on our LiveStream channel (www.livestream.com/churchtecharts) at 10 PM EDT, 7 PM PDT. Since LOST is now over, we should start on time; however be prepared for a little LOST discussion as we get started... Since I'm still in Season 3, I'm just going to keep yelling, "WWWWAAAAAAAAALLLLTTTTT!" ';-)

Tune in a few minutes early and you'll get the ads out of the way. I apologize in advance for any ads that appear; until we catch some sponsorship dollars, we're sticking with the free, ad-supported service.

See you tonight (and we'll have the audio posted here later this week).