Winter NAMM 2011: Whirlwind

Whirlwind Data Snake Whirlwind Data SnakeI've been a fan of Whirlwind products since they were located in an old factory on Boxart St. in Rochester (disclaimer, I'm a Rochester native...). They've since expanded to a much larger facility on the west side of Rochester, and they continue to come up with cool, well made products. Acknowledging the proliferation of data lines on stage, they've introduced the Data Snake. Available in 6 or 12 audio channel versions, the snake adds 2 Cat6 data cables connected by EtherCons.

Mixing analog and data in the snake Mixing analog and data in the snakeWe were just talking about needing something like this on our stage the other day. We often have a percussion player on stage left, and with 3-4 mics plus the M-48 data line, that's 5 cables running over there. With a snake like this, we could get all the audio and data we need across the stage with one line. Very slick. If you're even a little familiar with Whirlwind, you know the stuff is built like a tank and will last a long, long time. They're not cheap, but you'll probably never replace it.

Whirlwind Power Link Whirlwind PowerLinkI saw this at InfoComm, but didn't write about it. The PowerLink system is a collection of power distribution products connected by Neutrik PowerCon connectors. The boxes are all made from 0.074" powder coated cold rolled steel and feels like it could withstand being run over by an Abrams M1 tank.

Whirlwind PowerLink Distro Whirlwind PowerLink DistroI love this concept because it allows you to place power where you need it, when you need it with a minimum of fuss and cables. The distros connect to the house power using twist-lock plugs and splits that power out to two or three circuits. The stage boxes are daisy-chainable, so you can put multiple boxes on a circuit. Because they're using PowerCons as interconnects, you could easily make up or buy a whole collection of multiple length cables and use just what you need. No more using 100' cables when you need to run 10'.