My Trip to Planning Center Online

Chances are if you work in church tech, you are familiar with Planning Center Online. And if you're not, you really should be. There is really no better tool for planning and managing teams for worship services. Seriously, you chould check them out. Planning Center Online started about five years ago with just a few guys. They've grown tremendously over those few years and have recently moved into some very cool new office space in Carlsbad, CA. 

They've also hired a number of new designers and developers, including my friend Daniel Murphy. The other day, I went down to visit Daniel (thanks for lunch, by the way!) and check out the new digs. If you've used PCO for any length of time, you've seen some significant improvements to the look and feel of the interface, as well as plenty of new features. While I was there, Daniel showed me the next generation service planner, and all I can say is, wait until you see it! We will soon be seeing great new features and a whole new, easier-on-the-eyes look (see the new Matrix view as a reference). They also are doing some cool stuff with Music Stand and the Apple TV. Look for some of the new stuff after the first of the year (public beta in the next few weeks). Follow Planning Center Online on Twitter for updates of the new features.

Anyway, I thought you would enjoy seeing where some of your favorite software is made, so I took a bunch of photos. Behold, the new PCO offices.

This is the main coding area where most of the work gets done. The office has a very cool, Silicon Valley startup feel to it.

You can see the bookcase on the right in the back of the previous photo. This is a general hang out, meeting area. Would be a nice place to relax and code...

What would a software company be without a beanbag "campfire" area?  This is one of two smaller conference rooms with great views of the valley just beyond the office. I'm told sometimes Daniel will grab his MacBook Pro and sit here at the bar while coding.This is their training room. They can seat 24 comfortably. Believe it or not, they have an HD projector bright enough to be visible even with all this glass.Some companies have a break room. PCO has a BREAK ROOM! My host, Daniel, racks up the balls for a friendly game of pool.I'm guessing the kitchen was installed to prepare for the eventual all-night code-athons. This bit of damage was inflicted by Daniel, while riding an electric scooter at full throttle around the office. Looks like it's not "all work and no play," after all!PCO has come a long way in just a few years, and it's great to see them really taking off and refining the software that makes our lives easier. And, if you are a TD in the SoCal area, next March we're planning a CTL meet up there that we hope will include a trip to the nearby NAMM museum. Good things to come!

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