Church Techs: We're In The People Business

This post is part three in a series based on the message I gave at the Gurus of Tech conference in October.

But we have to remember that the church is in the people business. And, as part of the church, we too are in the people business. For the socially awkward, introverted church tech, that requires some supernatural intervention. 

I used to think that staying connected to the Spirit was complicated, full of rituals and involved getting up at 5 AM to have a 2 hour quiet time. But that never worked for me; how about anyone here? I don't know about you, but my mind runs so fast and furious that I would start praying and in about 5 minutes realize I was thinking about something completely different. 

It wasn't until a few months ago that Roy pointed out to me that God made me the way I am; He fitted that crazy, over-clocked brain in my head for a reason. And He's using me to accomplish His purposes. So instead of being apologetic to Him when I drift off, I just bring whatever I'm thinking about to the Lord.

What I've found is that staying connected with the Spirit is as easy as talking to Him. More than anything else, God wants to be in relationship with me.

And He wants to be in relationship with you. 

Let that sink in for a minute; God deeply desires to be in relationship, with you! We know that, right, I mean we all work at churches. But do we really know that? Do we really understand what it means to us personally?

And like any good friend, He wants to know what's going on in our lives. Of course, He already knows, but when I get stuck on something, I make it a point to talk it out with the Lord. I can't tell you how many times a great idea has hit me or a problem is solved just because I was talking it out with God. Suddenly the answer I've been searching for is right there.

We don't like to talk about this much, because it's mysterious and mystical. After all, we're geeks. We like technology; we like things with blinking lights and shiny buttons. 

But we are dealing mystery more often than we might think. Why does a given lighting look just "feel" right? How does tweaking the of the words on that slide just make it better? I recently re-gained my PA; opening up the amps a little bit and dropping the input gains on my mixer. We all agree it sounds better, but we can't completely articulate why. But even people who didn't know I changed anything commented on the improvement. It's a mystery.

Even though we're geeks, and perhaps because we are geeks, we really need to be intentionally about staying connected with the Spirit. Most of us aren't by nature people people, right? So when it comes to dealing with volunteers, other staff or church politics, we really need some help. 

Bring those issues to God. He wants to help. In fact, He longs to help. If God called you to this, He wants to help you do it well. When we involve Him in our ministries, amazing things will happen. Things that will blow your mind. Here's an example:

Does anyone have a hard time finding volunteers? Based on the email, the twitter and topics on the tech forums, it's one of the hardest issues we face. Like you, I've tried everything; bulletins, job fairs, announcements, personal asks, etc.. All were met with the same middling results.  Then I did something crazy; I asked God for some volunteers.

It finally occurred to me that this is all part of God's economy. He has called our church into a new season which demands more tech volunteers. I believe He is calling us to move in this direction, and I believe He is the ultimate provider for all our needs—both personally and corporately.

So, it seemed perfectly reasonable to ask Him to provide the very volunteers He's called me to minister with and to.

But I figured, why ask for just any volunteers; I wanted people who are passionate about what we do and who want to learn. I prayed for a group of young people that I could mold and shape into skilled, God-honoring technical craftsman; people like Bazalel and Oholiab.

I asked Him to give me eyes to see those who should be on the team, and that He would prepare those people to serve. 

Now, to give you a little context, at my church, we have never really had volunteers in tech. For pretty much the entire 25 years Coast Hills has been around, they filled each technical position with paid staff or paid contractors.

However, in the last six months, we've gone from...

0 to 4 people on the audio team.

2 to 4 people on the lighting team.

1 to 4 people on the presentation team. 

And we've more than doubled our camera team over the last year and a half.

Now, this is not me! I didn't do anything but ask the people He told me to ask, and respond to the people he brought by the tech booth. 

But that's just one example. I could list dozens of ways God has provided in miraculous ways, just because I've asked Him about something. Some things are very minor, others are huge. But it all starts with me saying, "Hi Father, so I have this thing..."