Church Tech Weekly Episode 34: Spectrum Foo

Mike and Van are joined by Karl Winkler of Lectrosonics. Now that we've made it through the 700 MHz transition, there is a new potential threat to our wireless serenity. Karl offers some great insights on how to prepare and what we can expect. Don't worry, the sky is not yet falling, but we're all going to need to get better at RF understanding and management.

Van Metschke
Karl Winkler

Picks of the Week:

  • Apple iPad (handheld wireless awesomeness) $499 and up
  • Desktop Connect (VNC/RDP remote access iPad client) $14.95
  • AC7 Core (Virtual control surface for iPad) $7.99

Theme song:

But I Play One on TV (I'm Not a Fuzoid) by Norm Stockton's Tea in the Typhoon album.