Interesting Finds for the Week: Feb 24, 2011

Here are few things I found on the web this past week. Sorry it's a day late; it's been a busy week...

Here's What You Do If Locked in a Vegas Hotel With a $150K Slo-Mo Video Camera | Co.Design
This just cool. Make sure you watch the video...

TidBITS Home Macs: Mobee Magic Charger Makes Batteries Disappear
Contactless recharging for the Magic Mouse. Now we need to get this tech moved to wireless mics...

Why Can't Death Be Beautiful, Instead of Just Depressing? [Slideshow] | Co.Design
Interesting thoughts on how architecture affects our perception

Reaper Navigation Tutorial
Very useful video on navigating in Reaper. I learned a lot in the first 2 minutes. There is an entire series of videos available.

This probably never happens in your church, but it's a pretty funny look at the "strained" relations that sometimes develop between tech and musos...

The Art of Telling Stories
Read the article substituting "church" for company and "members" for employees.