Going to NAB? Need a Pass?

iDang! I just realized that NAB is only 30-some days away! This year, Van and I are hoping to provide you with some great coverage of the show; possibly including video coverage! We're still working out details, but if all goes well, we will be able to bring you video interviews and previews of the products that have the most potential for churches. Or at least the products that we think are cool. Keep an eye peeled for that coverage, starting April 12.

NAB registration

If you're planning on heading off to NAB, don't pay for a pass. Because we're such a high-profile blog, Church Tech Arts is please to offer you a free, exhibits-only pass; just click on the logo to register. Actually, it's not that hard to get passes, and NAB is offering this code to a lot of bloggers, but it makes me feel good thinking we're important. The code will also get you $100 off any educational track pass as well; there are a couple of day passes that would only end up at $175 after the discount, so it's not too bad.

Van and I hope to be there for a few days, so if you're attending, let us know. We'd love to meet up and talk for a few minutes (between video segment shooting, of course!).