More from InfoComm: DPA & Roland

More pics from our man in the field, Duke Dejong. 

We've been hearing about it for quite some time and it's nearly here; the single ear headset mic from DPA. It's an upgraded 4066 that's 10 dB less sensitive for a reduction in wind noise. Duke reports it fits really snuggly around the ear, and that a second ear extension is coming (though that point, why not just use a 4066?). The cable and the boom mic are replaceable, and it's expected to be available in September for around $500. Also, looking at the picture, it appears the element is smaller than the 4066, which will help those doing IMAG or TV.

A bunch of guys getting a tour of Roland's new offerings from Jeremy Engel. From left to right in picture, Jeremy Engle, Brad Rowe, Jonathan Davis, Tim Frederick, Jamie Ortiz, Brian Turnbull, Nathan Kolosziej.

Ever needed to do a portable PA where power wasn't easily accessible? Like I have to do next month for VBS when I need a PA in the middle of our parking lot? How about battery powered mixers and speakers (that come with a wireless mic!)? These could solve a lot of problems for people...

More to come!