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And we have some more reports coming in from the trade show floor. First up, a new projector from Sanyo.


Here is what I know about this projector: Model PLC-HF15000L. I'm guessing it's 15K lumens. It will do 2K and it's Quad Drive (4 LCDs, RGB+Y). Sweet.

This is some kind of rear projection film from 3M. Don't know much more about it than that, other than the fact that Duke said it looked pretty life-like. A possible solution for video venues maybe?

Hey look! iPad based kiosks! A secure and stylish way to use an iPad as an interactive information device. Very slick. Prices are said to be about $299 for the wall or table top models, $499 for the stand up version. At that price, I'm pretty sure the iPad is not included.

Duke's first look at Byron, version 2 of the Jands Vista software. Two news items of note: First, a Mac version is said to be underway (Woot!). Second, they're talking about adding a direct-to-the-console VNC so instead of having to remote into a computer attached to the console, you can go straight into the console itself. iPad control anyone?

That's all for now, more to come later in the day as the pics come in. Thanks again to Duke Dejong for being our man in the field. And don't forget, we'll have Duke and several others on Church Tech Weekly this Sunday for comprehensive CTW coverage of InfoComm11.