InfoComm Update: Bose Line Array & Blackmagic Recorders

While Bose has left sort of a bad taste in everyone's mouth from a live PA standpoint, it appears they are trying to change that with a new line array system.

From what we hear, it's steerable both vertically and horizontally, and at least in the demo room, sounded pretty good.

Boxes are said to be priced in the $4-5K range each. Duke reports that while the array doesn't quite get down low enough to really give you that thump in the chest, they are working on a dual 18 to provide the low end. Will people be able to get over the Bose name? Time will tell...

Blackmagic continues to roll out new stuff. These appeared on their website a few weeks back, SSD-based recorders. The price point is crazy, and would be a perfect solution for an off-site video venue. Just sneaker-net the drive to the new venue and pop it in a dock there. Seems almost too easy.

Oh, and they're also making a rack mount dual bay version for recording longer sessions. According to Duke, the single has just started shipping, with the dual to follow in July. Could be a fun summer!