Final Shots from InfoComm

Here are the final few pics I received from Duke Dejong at InfoComm last week. I would have had these up earlier, but we bought some new lights and had to get them hung before the weekend. Anyway, here we go.


As Duke said, it's not new, but it's still freaking awesome! I heard this at NAMM in January, and it is really, really cool.

Now this is something we've been waiting for; an iPad audio interface from Studio Six Digital. It will be shipping in August, and includeds a built-in battery plus a DC power cord. When plugged into power, it will also charge the iPad. The interface has a single mic input, plus a line in (so we can do Transfer Function!). They are working on a case for the iPad/interface. Cost is said to be $399. 

One more, "There's an app for that!" Sometime this fall, you'll be able to control your Smaart 7 rig from your iPad. This seems like a cool concept, though I'll be curious to see why this is better than just VNC'ing into the computer running Smaart. Still, sounds cool...

Well, that's it. Been a great show, huh? I feel just like I was there, only my feet aren't sore and I'm not dehydrated. Thanks to Duke for bringing us this great coverage, and don't forget to listen to Church Tech Weekly tomorrow for even more coverage.