CTW NAMM Coverage: Roland VR-3

You've probably seen the Roland VR-5 audio/video mixer already. The VR-5 gives you 5 inputs, the ability to mix video and audio, prepare a stream for U-Stream or Livestream and record to USB. The VR-3 is similar, though it's a bit scaled down. 

The VR-3 is a four-channel composite only switcher with a small multi-view touch screen. It's very compact and like the VR-5 can send a web stream ready video data stream out the USB port. Unlike the VR-5, audio does not follow video, so you will have to mix both video and audio if you need that capability. 

The VR-3 has a few key features that make it very interesting. It's very small and portable, which would make it perfect for remote productions. It can even be battery powered for unplugged switching. The touch screen makes it easy to take shots to air by simply touching them. It has a mulit-view output which puts the quad view from the touch screen on an external display via composite video. 

It's not a big production switcher, but if your needs are small, it's a pretty compelling option, expecially once you get to know the price; $1995 list. Considering you can't even buy a multiviewer for two grand, it's an interesting concept. Take a closer look on Roland's website.

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