CTW NAMM Coverage: DPA d:fine

Released only a few months ago, the d:fine has been a hugely popular headset mic. I talked with my friend Jarrod from DPA and he told me they were flying off the shelves. It makes sense; it's a great mic. I've been recommending them to everyone because they are easy to use and they sound better than every other headset mic out there. 

The d:fine is a single ear headset, developed because many loved the sound of the 4066 and 4088, but didn't like the dual-ear design. Apparently, there are some who are happy because there was a request for a dual-ear version of the d:fine. While it makes no sense to me, it's now available if you really feel you need the dual-ear. The nice things is, the way the mic is designed, you can actually add the second ear holder to the existing mic. It connects easily so you could use the same mic in either configuration. Those Danes are always thinking.

Jarrod Renaud models the new super short boom.

Additionally, we got a look at the new super-short boom version that is due out in about six weeks. Developed primarily for theater, it's nearly invisible from the front. Because the element is farther from the mouth, they are going to do a little bit of EQ in the mic to restore the lost HF content, but it should otherwise sound pretty much the same as the longer boom. 

Pricing on the short boom will be about the same as the long boom, and because of the modular design, you could purchase just the short boom and use it with your existing cable and earpiece. Thus, it would be really simple to build a kit that includes both ear pieces, both boom lengths and you'd be ready for anything.