Extreme Church Makeover: Tech Needs

I wrote about this project a few weeks ago, and the response has been amazing. Many, many people have been asking for a list of needed equipment and here we are. As you will see, we have some big needs, and a lot of small needs. 

Honestly, when I look at the list, I have no idea how it's all going to come together. When I was working on the needs for this build, I kept thinking, "This is too much; there's no way we're going to come up with all of this." But then God reminded me that He is the one who owns the cattle on a thousand hills, and if He wants this church to have a whole new AVL system, that's what they'll get. 

So while it freaks me out a little bit, this is what we need. I think it's going to be amazing so see how gear comes in for this project. For example, we need a new audio console, something along the lines of an M7 or M480. That's a big deal. But maybe there's a rental house out there that has one and needs to upgrade, and maybe a manufacturer can help them with a deal. Everyone wins. 

This list has already gone out to the SoCal CTL group, a group of people who have already agreed to help out with the build, and who will no doubt provide some of the gear. If anyone has anything that can meet the needs of this project, I want to hear from you. I've set up a special e-mail just for this project; ecm@churchtecharts.org

I have already been amazed at how God is providing. It's looking like we have a line on a PA, and a good start on lighting. It's going to be cool to see how the rest comes together. Again, contact me at ecm@churchtecharts.org if you can help out!

Equipment Needs


  • Main PA system capable of providing 110 dB SPLA for a 400 seat room (approx. 75’ wide x 65’ deep)
    • Speakers
    • Amps (if not powered speakers)
    • Processing
  • 4-6 Floor Monitors
  • 4-6 Personal Monitor Mixers
    • Mixers
    • Input module
    • Distro
    • Cables
  • FOH Console; Digital greatly preferred, 40-48 channels, Min. 8 Auxes
    • If we go analog on the console, we’ll need a few FX units and compressors

Note: The church has four Community 15” subs that we can re-use. It would be great to get a set of new amps for them, however.  


  • Kick drum mic (RE320, D112, D6 or similar)
  • Tom mics (four)
  • Overhead mics (two)
  • Two channels of wireless (1 bodypack, 2 HH)
  • 2-3 Vocal mics (maybe some Heil PR35s)
  • Other misc. instrument mics as available

Misc. Audio:

  • DIs (four)
  • Mic & 1/4” cables
  • Straight Mic Stands 
  • Boom Mic Stands
  • Short stage sub-snakes (4-8 channels, 20-ish feet long)
  • Stage power cords w/ quad boxes or similar


  • 10-12 Ellipsoidal spots with 19° lenses
  • 10-12 LED spots and washes for color
  • 12-18 channels of dimming
  • Lighting control board
  • New house lights (to replace the existing 8’ florescent tubes)

Note: Church has 9 ETC Source4 PARs that we will re-use as area and/or backlight


  • Main projector; 5,000-6,000 lumens, throw will be in the 20’-40’ range, screen size will be 20’-24’ wide, 16:9 format greatly preferred
  • Ceiling mount for said projector
  • Presentation switcher
  • VGA, DVI or HDMI over Cat5 baluns (for run from booth to projector; exact needs will depend on projector)
  • Mac Mini or iMac for ProPresenter
  • ProPresenter license
  • Confidence monitor

Misc. Pieces Parts

  • SuperStrut for hanging PA, Projector, Lighting
  • Speaker cable
  • 500’ of Cat5e
  • 1 1/2” pipe and fittings for lighting bars
  • Rack for amps

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