Almost Live from LDI

I'm not at LDI this year—just so you know. But our man in the field, Duke Dejong, is, and he's sent back some pictures. Don't be looking for in-depth reporting here, but these are a few things of interest he came across while wandering the floor (and avoiding the flood).

Chauvet had a bunch of stuff that looked interesting this year. This little box of joy contains six battery-powered LED fixtures that recharge in the roadcase and run for 12 hours. Could be sweet as truss warmers or, more excitingly, portable church. I know, right?

Here's another Chauvet fixture, a really tight LED powered Framing Spot. No specs yet, but it looks cool.

This is the new Chauvet Q-Wash. If you can't read the data on the Archos tablet there (Archos? Really?), this little guy has 91 (91!) 3W RGBWA LEDs, will zoom from 6°-32°, is controllable by 12 or 15 DMX channels and puts out 13,100 lux at 5M. As a moving head fixture, this could be pretty slick. I want to know the price, don't you?

This is pretty wild; it's called Spider Truss—for obvious reason. I don't know any specs on it, but it sure looks interesting. 

So you can't afford a DL-3, but you want to throw video around, huh? How about a projector scanner from Elation? It comes with a universal mount for the projector and lists for around $1,000. Environmental projection, anyone?

This was one of the Grand MA 2's that didn't get flooded. Apparently there was a snafoo with some pyro that set off the sprinklers and soaked a few Grand MA 2s. Bummer. But at least the Vista's were safe. (That's for you, @tmpendergrass!)

From SeaChanger, it's a plasma color-changing fixture. Duke says, "Really good color, full color temp control for white too.  Nice and cool temp wise, light is pretty even." So there you go. 

We've been hearing rumors of a new Source4 LED spot, and apparently it's becoming a real product. Duke wasn't allowed to take pictures of the product (Really? ETC? Come on...), but he was able to capture the output chart they threw up. Notice the third and the last entry; the third is the Source4 575 we know and love; 575 Watts, 10600 lumens. At the end of the chart, the new Source4 LED, 155 Watts, 6350 lumens. So 1/2 the output at 1/4 the current draw. Also note that they are getting 41 lumens per Watt, which is the highest of any fixture they mentioned. Interesting...

It's a lighting show, but that doesn't stop Vaddio from being there. They were showing off their new ProductionVIEW HD MV. It's a multi-format switcher that can do two separate 6x1 mixes (two discreet outptus), controll cameras and has a built-in multiviewer. Add the touch screen and you simply touch the source you want to take live. I still don't like robotic cameras for IMAG, but the switcher concept is cool. Duke says it's affordable, but we don't have a price at this time.

We thank Duke for the photos, and I refer you to the post he did over at the CCI Solutions blog with some additional narrative. Looks like some good stuff this year!

WFX is 10 Days Away

Don't forget, in just over a week, we'll descend into Dallas for WFX. Van and I will be bringing you full video coverage of the latest and greatest products we find. Make sure you say tuned to this site for videos that will hopefully start appearing on Nov. 10. And if you're going to be at the show, follow me and Van on Twitter as we'll be tweeting our location a few times throughout the show for impromtu meet ups. Looking forward to seeing many of you!