I found this at David Crowder’s blog today. It was amusing, even as I read it the second time, so I decided to post it here. BTW, he has a new album coming out soon. I would say dc*b is one of, if not my favorite worship bands right now. His lyrical artistry blows me away on every album. You can pre-order it on his blog.

Anyway, here is David’s definition of a sound check:

* [“sound check” is that institution of necessity involving the setup and plugging-in of all the band’s instruments and microphones and such, ensuring that they all function properly and that the respective noises emitted are successfully making the journey to and through the speakers that the crowd will be listening to and also ensuring that these sounds are exiting the speakers that the band will be listening to as this will greatly aid the band in the victorious production of what will be met with the ear of those persons facing them. seems simple enough. and, as best we remember, it used to be. over the course of our existence as a band we have faced only a modest handful of memorable type sound checks: i.e., those that might be designated “taxing.” this summer, the inverse has proven to be the norm: i.e., there have been but a modest handful that were not. we’re unsure what may have gone wrong, globally speaking – we’re at a loss.]