If you’ve read any trade magazines in the last year, you may have heard of the debate raging about the so-called “White Space” in the RF spectrum that will suddenly become available when the FCC shuts down analog TV in another year or so. The details are somewhat technical, but what it means for you is this: If you currently use wireless mics in your church (and who doesn’t?), you could be in danger of all kinds of interference from unlicensed devices operating in the same frequency bands as your mics.

This type of interference has been kept at bay until now because wireless mics operate in the space between analog TV channels, and nothing else is allowed there. Once analog TV goes away, the FCC wants to auction off the space, which could mean major trouble and huge expenses for churches who would have to replace all wireless equipment.

Shure has been a loud and vocal opponent to this pending action, and has drafted a letter that we can send to the FCC. You can download a copy here. I would urge you to download a copy, print and sign it and send it to the FCC quickly. They will begin hearing the case in about 2 weeks. The ramifications of this are huge, and it behooves us to take action while we can. Have your pastor, business administrator, worship leader and tech director all send copies if you like.

Thanks to Anthony Coppage for brining this to our attention, and providing the link to the letter.