Yesterday and today, I have had the good fortune to spend some time up an my family’s camp in the Adirondack Mountains. It’s situated on a lake and is one of the most naturally beautiful places I’ve ever been. This a sad time of year, because on this trip, we close the camp down for the season. And this is only my second trip up this year. It seems strange to be “winterizing” because yesterday it was 75 degrees and remarkably sunny. Today it’s raining, but I really enjoy sitting on the front porch watching the rain fall into the lake. I do feel bad for those two out in the canoe right now, though…

Last night after dinner I went out to our neighbor’s dock to look at the stars. I decided to lay down and just look up. At first, I could see only a few, but as my eyes adjusted, I was engulfed in a 180 degree panorama of stars. One thing I love about it up here is how dark (and quiet) it gets at night. After a few minutes, I could clearly see the Milky Way. There were thousands of stars, I couldn’t begin to count them all. As I lay there, several things struck me.

First, it occurred to me that I only saw those stars because I took the time to let my eyes adjust. Had I walked out there, looked up and gone back to the cabin, I would have missed most of them. Those stars are evidence of God. I wondered, what else do I miss because I don’t often take the time to stop and let my eyes adjust. Last time, I wrote about rest. Too often our lives are crammed so full, we can’t take time. To stop. And look. And wait. For our eyes to adjust.

Second, I was reminded that we serve a big God. I wish I had the ability to photograph what I saw (I tried, even a 30 second exposure didn’t do it). Some of those stars are so far away, they are already burned out, but the light is just now getting here. And light moves pretty fast. All of those stars were hung in place in an instant when God said, “Let there be light.” I was pretty impressed with myself for having built the porch I’m now sitting on. Yet there before me were thousands of stars as big as our planet. Spoken into existence in an instant. If that doesn’t re-frame your life, nothing will.

I think a lot of times my image of God is too small. I tend to pray about small stuff, the daily concerns of life. Those aren’t bad, they’re just not all God is. I lay on the dock as long as I could (it was cool and getting damp, and hey, I’m getting older…) hoping that image would get burned into my memory. Whenever I’m tempted to limit my prayers, I want to recall that scene. If God can make that, I think He has more potential than I can imagine.

Several years ago, I was challenged with this question, “What are you doing right now, that without God’s intervention, will utterly fail?” That challenge was on my mind a lot over the last few months. Our family has been challenged in a big way. For thematic reasons, I will start another post to finish the story. Then we’ll get back to good old techie stuff… promise!