Yeah, I know, they’ve been shipping it for a few months now. I meant it just arrived at my house. After a few months of running Dreamweaver in Windows (through Parallels on my MacBook) and an old version of Photoshop CS1, I finally sold some stuff and sprung for CS3. I played with the beta of Photoshop, so I knew it was going to be cool. Web Premium comes with Photoshop Extended, so as soon as I get to spend some time with it, I’ll be able to play with video in there also. Very nice.

But before you can play, you have to install. No problem, right? This is a Mac, software installs are a breeze! Well, apparently Adobe didn’t get that memo. I put the DVD in the drive and start the installer. I pick the components I want to install and hit go. It seems to take a rather long time, but I figure it’s fine.

Suddenly, a blank dialog box pops up and the DVD spits out. Yup. A blank dialog. No way to cancel or know what it wants. I force quit out and hit the web. Turns out Adobe has an entire section on their website devoted to CS3 install issues. Now I know I’m in trouble.

Turns out that’s the thing you run into if you happen to have Safari 3 beta installed (which I did). Why this is an issue puzzles me to this day. Adobe says I have to uninstall Safari 3 and roll back to Safari 2. See Apple’s website for instructions. Sure. So I go digging around and figure out how to do that (turns out I had to re-download Safari 3 beta, which comes with an uninstaller, which in addition to removing 3, puts 2 back on…).

OK, problem solved! On with the install. I re-fire up the installer and away we go. Man, it seems to be taking a really long time. Oh well. Insert sound of disc eject here. Uh, oh. Dialog box that says, “Please insert ExtendedScript Toolkit 2.0 to continue.” Excuse me? What is that? (actually there were more words, but this is a family-friendly blog…)

More web surfing. Back to Oh look, another entry about this very issue. Seems this is the problem you get after you had the last problem. Thanks for mentioning that! So now, I have to uninstall the Adobe stuff, restart and try again. OK, we’ll try that.

Three times! Still nothing. Remember, I’m installing on a Mac. That’s a Macintosh. OS X. We stopped dealing with crappy installs like this like, 6 years ago! Anyway, a bunch more looking on the web turns up a forum on where others are having the same problem. Turns out you can download the ExtendedScript Toolkit 2.0 and if you mount the .dmg to your desktop during install it will proceed fine. Sure, it does, but it takes forever! Oh, and never throw it away, because if you ever want to install another component, you’ll need it again. Ughh.

So thanks Adobe for creating great software like Photoshop, Dreamweaver (actually, you bought that one…), Acrobat and After Effects. And thanks for wasting 4 hours of my life while trying to install CS3. And for charging me a small fortune for the privilege. You’re the best. But will you still respect me in the morning?

An actual review of the software will be forthcoming. Oh, and here’s the link to the forum thread in case you find yourself in this predicament.