Well it’s official, the format war is over. This is genuinely good news. We can now finally get on with the business of changing over to a high definition format. Now that the industry has sorted out the format, manufacturers will jump on the platform and start getting good, affordable players out there. We should see some additional recorders as well. The studios finally know which way to got, and marketing and distribution should be more effective as well.

All of this is good news for consumers, and by extension churches. For churches considering upgrading to an HD format (and for those that already have), the big question was, “What do we do with it?” Now we know. Burn a Blu-ray!

Many have compared this to the VHS-Betamax war of old. I think this is a fair comparison, except this time, the better format won. I’m personally glad for this development as I have been giving serious thought to replacing my old Sony DVD player at home. I was going to pick up a regular SD player, but now I think I’ll wait a few months until more Blu-rays hit the market and come down in price.

We’re not planning on doing anything in HD for a while here, though our new projectors could handle it. I’m going to push for a new camera this coming budget year, and it will likely be HD. I’m thinking we’ll shoot in HDV, capture to Pro-Res and down-convert for presentation. Then again, we may just project HD. We’ll have to see how ProPresenter handles it once we make the conversion.

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