It’s hard to believe it’s been a year already. Actually, it’s been a little longer—the first post on this little old site was March 6, 2007. Fittingly, this is post 100. In March of 2007, I was really excited that I had something like 70 visitors to the blog. This March will be the first month to break the 2,000 barrier. In month 1, I had no idea how to publish an RSS feed. Today, roughly 100 of you read this through RSS. This site has been linked to by others from Atlanta to the Philippines, and in the process, I feel like I’ve made a new group of friends. I am excited, deeply grateful and humbled all at the same time.

This blog started as a way to help (hopefully) build credibility as I began my search for a full-time Tech Arts Director position. It quickly grew into something I’m truly passionate about. I have been captivated by audio-visual technology and live production for a quarter century and there are very few things I enjoy more than getting to use my skill set to enhance worship. I also get really jazzed when I have the opportunity to teach others, so this is really a fun medium for me.

When I started this, I wondered how long I could write; would I run out of content? Now, I have so many ideas in my head, I simply lack the time to get them all down. I’ve thought a lot about where to take this as we enter year two, and here are some thoughts. First, I want to do more equipment reviews. We’re in a season of buying new stuff at Upper Room, so I’ll have lots to review. I hope to post more often. I also want to borrow a concept from Guy Kawasaki called “10 Questions With…” These would be digital “interviews” with people I admire, who are in the trenches every day and who have some good things to say. I’ve even thought about doing a podcast…we’ll see how my time goes this summer.

As I sit here musing about the past year, I’m thinking, “If I were a one year-old blog, what would I want for my birthday present?” Well, that’s easy. There are two blogs that I enjoy reading, written by men who I admire that I am not linked from yet. Greg Atkinson and Anthony Coppedge both have great ministries and blogs and I’ve been linking to both almost since the beginning. And I know at least one of them drops by here once in a while (you know who you are!). So what do you say, guys? How about a birthday present for my 1 year-old blog?

Seriously (actually, I am serious about the linking…), when I think of this blog, my mind goes back to (appropriately enough) Easter, 1992. At the time, I was the lay youth leader and lead sound guy of our small church in Ohio. In an amazing demonstration of courage and faith, my pastor let me preach the message on Easter that year. I worked really hard on it, but was still really nervous; that is until I stepped up to speak. Then the most amazing thing happened—the nerves went away, my mind was crystal clear and it felt really, really good to speak. Afterward, a woman who I greatly admire approached me. By the look on her face, I could tell she had something important to say. I got nervous thinking she was going to point out a theological error or perhaps ask me what I thought I was doing in the pulpit in the first place. Instead, her first words were, “I hope you plan on doing something with the gift of communication that God has entrusted you with.” Well Donna, I hope this qualifies as “something” (thanks for the encouragement, by the way!)

And to you gentle reader, thanks for reading, commenting and passing this along. I have truly enjoyed our year together and hope God will allow many more to come!

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