This is a bit of an unusual post for the blog, but then again, we’re in a bit of an unusual situation here at Upper Room. Since we’re co-located with our Mother/Sister church, Christ Presbyterian, we tend to work pretty closely with the CPC staff. As CPC transitions further into the world of contemporary worship, their need for a full-time technical arts director has grown. 

The position has recently been approved, and we are now taking resumes for the position. Primary responsibilities include weekend service preparation, volunteer training, and leading the tech team during services. There is also a need for media production in support of the services. The CPC TAD will also be working with me to define, direct and implement sanctuary technology upgrades. 

CPC is a great place to work, the benefits are really good, and the entire staff is committed to development and each other’s success. I’ve gotten to know the creative team and worship leaders on the CPC staff, and they are quality people, and a lot of fun to work with. 

You can download the full job description here, CPC TAD Job Description, and send resumes and cover letters to bradj [at] cpconline [dot] org.