Now that it’s December, I feel safe publishing my Christmas wish list. I’ve never done a list like this before; and it will be a cross between actual stuff I hope to get and a flight of fancy. But hey, it’s my list. A girl can dream, right?

An XServe

Actually, I hope this one comes early. Now that I’m the IT director, I need to set up new server for Upper Room when we move. Nothing better than an XServe for that purpose. An add to this request is Snow Leopard Server. In addition to being significantly faster and fully optimized, it will finally support push synchronization to the iPhone from iCal Server. This will save me considerable time and hopefully make our lead pastor’s life a little easier. And it will get us away from the Exchange server, for which I will be eternally thankful. 

A New Digital Mixer

Loyal readers will know that we already have an M7-CL. However, that will stay with CPC when Upper Room leaves, and we’ll be needing our own. I’m leaning heavily toward the RSS V-Mixing system, especially if they announce the new feature set that I’m waiting for right around Christmas. I know what it is, but I can’t say. I also need more details (like pricing and availability and functionality) before we can make a final decision. If it goes the way I think it will, it will be sweet! Otherwise, we’ll get an LS-9. At least I hope… 

A New Light Board

This is another weird request, especially since Upper Room actually does own an Expression 3. However, there’s talk of us leaving that behind for CPC when we move. If that happens, I’ve got my eye on a new ETC Ion. Not only does it pack more power than the Expression 3 into a 19-inch space, it has it’s own hard drive and saves on a USB drive (no more floppies!). Yeah, that’d be sweet…

New Worship Space

We know that Upper Room is relocating and becoming and independent church. What we don’t know is where. While I have some strong thoughts on how the space should function, really I just want to know where we are, and what it looks like so I can begin planning our strategy for a spring launch. It’s going to be tight, so the sooner, the better!

New Speakers

To go along with our new worship space, I really can’t wait for new speakers. Our current system is really the pits, and every time I’m at another church or venue with decent sound, it’s like a breath of fresh air. It feels like I can breath and say, “Ahhh, that’s what it’s supposed to sound like.”  I think a lot of people in our organization really believe the current system is fine, but I can’t wait to fire up a decent, space appropriate rig and show it off. Then everyone will say, “Oh, so that’s what you meant!”

To Do List Synching

This one goes out to my favorite computer company. Come on, Apple get on the ball! Seriously, I still can’t sync to do’s from iCal to my iPod Touch? Really? At version 2.2 of the software? I was able to do that on my original Palm Pilot 10 years ago. I mean I know Google’s street view is really cool and all, but I’d really like to be able to check off to do’s during the day without trying to stuff my MacBook Pro in my pocket.

A Twin Cities Tech Directors Gathering

I’ve been thinking about this for almost a year now, and I haven’t been able to make it happen. I really do want to get a bunch of area tech directors together for lunch, to get to know each other and to hang out. Of course, now it’s Christmas season, so that won’t be happening until January for sure. Maybe I can put it on my to do list… 

Some More Good Music

Now that I’ve had some time and the means to enjoy listening to music again, I’ve been re-discovering how much I really enjoy good music. I’ve been picking up some Yellowjackets, 10,000 Maniacs, Suzzane Vega, Steely Dan, Sting’s All This Time, and many others. I’d love to find some good Christian music that hasn’t had all the dynamic range processed out of it in the mastering process (some of the newer stuff I’ve listened to has less than 6 dB of dynamic range for crying out loud).

Well, that’s really all I want for Christmas. That and world peace. How about you? What do you hope to find under the tree this year?