Well, once again our government has disagreed with itself. The House failed to pass the bill that would have delayed the DTV transition for another 4 months. So that means, barring any significant activity from the White House (which seems unlikely), the transition will move forward on Feb. 17. 

Jason Cole wrote the following in the comments section of Monday’s post regarding the transition, but I thought I’d bring it up here for those who don’t dig through the comments.

Just a quick update again for those who don’t follow my twitter feed.  The House did not pass the DTV delay bill after the Senate did which means we are back on track for all the changes.  While ATT may not make any of the new technology available to the public, they do have gear deployed to begin testing.  Verizon has said in the past they plan to start testing on the 18th as well, but I have not been able to verify that as it was just a statement made back when they won the auction.  Anyway, it could be a real mess for the next year.

So there you go. The next few months will be interesting!